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Open Banking Payments – What needs to happen next?

The Dream that Might Still be Open Banking Open Banking was, at one time, set to give consumers access to their bank and e-money accounts with the ability to share information and initiate payments via regulated third party providers. It was a great ambition to bring competition, innovation and a new set of players into […]

The Joe Duffy Group

The Joe Duffy Group – leveraging multiple debit cards and accounts with Fire to help better manage expenses and budgets. The Joe Duffy Group are a major car dealership based in Ireland. The Challenge Joe Duffy Group is Ireland’s leading motor retail group and currently has 23 Nationwide locations representing 17 brands and employing over […]

VRP (Variable Recurring Payments) as an Open Banking alternative to Card-on-File and Direct Debits

The arrival of Open Banking Payments (also known as account-to-account (A2A) payments) is already starting to shift the way consumers and businesses pay and get paid. Regulated third-parties such as Fire are enabling Open Banking payments directly from a customer’s or donor’s bank account to a businesses or charities account. Open Banking is shaking up […]

The steady rise of Open Payments

Open Payments are hitting the mainstream – it’s time to look at adopting the new payment technology Open Banking Payments are quickly disrupting the way we make payments online. By giving regulated third-parties secure access to financial information, it is shaking up an industry that has been difficult to access – inviting more competition and […]

Streamlining payment collection for PPC Providers

How digital advertising agencies can simplify their payment workflows with client-specific accounts and debit cards. Managing a high volume of payments for many different clients at the same time, makes sorting and reconciling payments particularly challenging for PPC agencies. The pain of getting paid in PPC PPC payment collection workflows differ depending on the provider’s […]