How streamlined the payment process for Comgent

Comgent is a leading recruitment company that offers on-demand highly-skilled talent with technical expertise for short and long term assignments. Depending on your company’s needs, Comgent can standardise your processes, reduce administrative tasks, and ensure your company is fully compliant with local, national, and international laws, all while providing you with full transparency. Enjoy lower costs, save time, and work with the best talent in the industry.

The Challenge

A significant challenge that companies like Comgent face is allocating too much time on their day-to-day financial processes. Spending time processing payments means less time focused on your core business needs and finding a provider who could streamline the day-to-day finances was a priority for Comgent.

Put simply, Comgent wanted to find a quicker way of getting things done.

The Solution

With Fire, it is super easy to open multiple accounts to manage payments, and even easier to add users to access them. For Comgent, this offered a robust solution with low fees to go along with the package. With the Fire Work online web portal, customers such as Comgent can take advantage of all Fire’s features with just a few clicks.

Fire’s in and out payment transfers are supported via Faster Payments, BACS and SEPA. Transfers between Fire accounts occurred instantly for Comgent, secured and controlled through its multi-user authorisation feature. Ensuring the highest level of security coupled with a smooth user experience is a top priority for us at Fire. These features keep the highest financial security standards in place for customers like Comgent.

From payments to bank transfers, Fire has been able to offer Comgent a quick solution to handling their finances.

The Benefits

Fast, easy account creationsComgent creates new accounts (with unique IBANs) in real time, without the need to go through an application process.

Quick transactions, quick authentication process Comgent has immediate access to Faster Payments and BACS for Sterling payments and SEPA for Euro payments. They use multi-user authorisation for approving transactions for increased security and control.

Great customer service – Comgent have access to Fire’s trained support team, available via phone and email, quick to respond to questions.

Efficient websiteComgent use Firework online to seamlessly manage their Fire accounts.

Q&A with Comgent

Why did you choose Fire?

Fast response time on any requests. Great customer service – any time we had any issues, they were quick to reply and assist. Fast and easy to open new accounts and add users. Generally low fees. Very fast incoming and outgoing payments – minutes instead of applying incoming at end of day or delaying outgoing by up to two days for ‘standard’ transfers.

Efficiency of the website, use of modern security best practices with fast authentication for login and financial transfers and payee management.

How is the Fire Business Account helping you to solve the problem/s your business faces?

Not losing time making/receiving payments means we have more time to focus on our core business.


“Fire is offering us a great financial service that helped us reduce the time and resources needed to handle financial transactions. From authentication to quick payments, the whole process is intuitive and prompt.”


Visit Comgent’s Website here.




How brings value to businesses with real-time FX transfers

Circit is an online platform that helps audit firms perform higher quality audit engagements, collaborate with clients, and instantly verify assets at source.

The Challenge

Circit’s challenge was to find an online account provider that would allow them quick access to multiple accounts, allow them to easily receive payments in both euro and sterling as well as provide a competitive rate for foreign exchange services. Finding an instant FX solution with effective pricing was a core point of consideration when they were looking at potential solutions.

The other aspect that Circit needed to consider was to keep account reconciliation as simple as possible.

The Solution

FX Transfers is one of’s core features on our platform. When Circit signed up for a free business account, they were able to avail of our multiple accounts and instant FX transfers with the ability to receive money in both currencies, all at a competitive rate. As well as offering these features, were able to assist Circit get setup easily with our support team.

Today, Circit have met all these needs with’s business account. The account also provides compatible uploads for Circit’s finance system as well as providing enhanced security features on all of their Fire accounts including multi-factor authentication and real-time notifications on account activity.

The Benefits

Creating multiple accounts in real time – Circit creates new accounts (with unique IBANs) in real time, without the need to go through an application process.

Real-time foreign exchange at an interbank rate– Circit now has the ability to convert funds instantly at a competitive rate 24/7, with adjusted pricing as volumes increase.

Access to a range of payment services – Circit now has access to Faster Payments and BACS for Sterling payments and SEPA for Euro payments.

Enhanced security and control – Circit uses multi-user authorisation for approving all transactions for increased security and control. In addition, Circit receive real-time notifications when payments are made or received into their accounts.

Efficient customer support – a trained support team, available via phone and email, quick to respond to questions.

Testimonial – Q&A with Circit

What attracted you to a Fire Business Account and what was the challenge or problem that led you to seek out an enhanced business account?

Quick access to accounts, and payments in new currencies. We needed access to a bank account in a new currency at short notice, to allow us to make and receive payments – we are able to do this instantly with Fire. Fire allowed us to set up a GBP bank account quickly and easily, so that we could serve our UK customers.

What features do you make best use of or like most?

FX – quick and easy to move funds between currencies, same day payments


Fire allowed us to quickly open new bank accounts as needed. The instant FX transfers are quick and convenient, and help us to manage our cash flow. Reconciliation is simple with the compatible uploads for our finance system, and I love that we get notifications when payments are made or received!

Clodagh Vance, Chief Financial Officer

The Circit website can be found here.

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