Business Accounts for today – and tomorrow

The account that grows with your business.

From debit cards and bank transfers to direct debits and foreign exchange transfers, our dual-currency digital accounts give you all the features of a premium business account – but with so much more.

Our signup process is online. You’ll need to upload documents to verify your business, its owners and directors. We aim to make this process, which usually takes 48 hours, as easy as possible.

Pay as you go

Fire has no set up or account opening fee. There is no monthly or quarterly fee. Transaction fees apply and these are deducted at the time of processing, so there’s no bill shock at the quarter end.

Great services

As standard, Fire comes with a euro and sterling account, so you can get paid, hold funds and pay out in both currencies. You may open any number of accounts and order all the debit cards you need to run your business.

Why open a Fire business account?

Bring your finances up to date

Fully digital and mobile enabled, instantly create new accounts, set up transfers and payments online and receive instant notifications and lodgement details in real-time. Access powerful new Open Banking features to request and receive account-based payments online, on mobile or by QR code.

Stay in control of your costs

With no fees to pay up front, no monthly charges and no hidden fees, you only pay for what you need using our fully transparent pricing model. With Sterling and Euro accounts as standard, you can make or receive payments in either currency without incurring expensive foreign exchange charges.

The account that grows with your business

With no limit on the number of accounts and debit cards, and a host of advanced payment features, we work with businesses of all sizes. And, if you want to bring any of our services closer to home, our powerful Fire API enables deep integration of Fire features into your own systems.

Put your business in safe hands.

Dual-regulated in the EU and UK and licenced to provide payment services for more than a decade, we are a principal issuer of Mastercard® debit cards and a provider of Faster Payments (Sterling), Bacs, Open Banking Payments, Direct Debits and SEPA transfers and Direct Debits (Euro).

Already have a business account?

No problem. You can still access all our services, with no need to migrate your existing business banking. A Fire business account is ideal for managing all your payments.

Check out our features

When you open a Fire Business Account you will by default have a sterling and euro account and a debit card. You may then pay and get paid, open more accounts, order more debit cards, use our mobile app (FireWork) and integrate your systems using the Fire API.

Referral Partnership Programme

If you are an organisation that provides businesses with consultancy or accounting services, the Fire Business Account offers a smart, low cost alternative to traditional business accounts that could suit your clients.

A bit about us.

How do we compare to a high street bank?

Our service is different from that provided by high street banks. To help you decide if Fire is a good option for your business, please note that we do not provide credit, credit cards, loans or overdrafts. We do not support cheques and it is not possible to lodge cash to a Fire Business Account.

As a regulated payments institution in the EU and an e-money institution in the UK, we ensure that all customer funds held by us are safeguarded with tier one credit institutions. This is not the same as the deposit guarantee scheme, which does not apply. Safeguarding means that your funds are segregated and never lent, invested or used by us for any operational purposes. See here for more information on how we keep your funds safe.

Some of the features we offer that may be different to a high street bank account include:

  • The Fire Account application process is online.
  • Fire offers both Sterling & Euro accounts. And once you are up and running you can open additional accounts instantly.
  • You may order as many Fire Debit Cards as you need and link these cards to your Fire Business Accounts.
  • You will need to use the Fire Mobile App to log in, to approve payments and get notifications.
  • Open Banking Payments can be used so you can get paid more easily.
  • Use the Fire API to integrate your systems with your Fire Business Accounts.

If you have any queries about our services please feel free to contact us. It’s always best to ask before you start the application process.

Ready to get started?

Our Regulatory Status

We are regulated in Ireland (by the Central Bank of Ireland) since 2010 as a Payments Institution and in the UK we are authorised by the FCA as an e-money Institution since 2019. We are licenced to provide a range of payment services.