Business Account Frequently Asked Questions

A Fire business account is a digital account. It is used primarily to execute bank transfers, debit card purchases and payments to/from personal Fire users. There is no facility to lodge cash and cheques are not supported. The account is suitable for limited companies, unincorporated entities and sole traders.

Registration is open to businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom or Ireland with directors/owners resident and/or citizens of the EU (and other countries available on request). In addition applications are accepted from sole traders based in the United Kingdom or Ireland. You can contact us to discuss your situation at

It is important that you check your suitability to our services prior to completing the online application process.

The Fire account is available as an online web based application. In order to commence the process of opening a Fire account, businesses should request a beta code via our web site When requesting the beta code you will be asked to confirm that you are a UK/ROI business and that you do not require cash or cheque processing or the ability to make payment by direct debit from your Fire account (as we do not support these features).

On receipt of a Beta code, businesses may commence the process of application. All documentation and information required is captured online via our application. You will be required to submit information concerning your business, its directors and owners. For the business we will require a certificate of incorporation and the constitution (memorandum and articles of association) and for each individual we will require both identity and address validation documents.

The various documents required and accepted are outlined in the online application. Once you have completed the online application and uploaded all the relevant documents, your application may be submitted for review by our team. This review process is normally completed within a day or two, but may take longer and we may revert to you for additional information.

You will not have access to the account or any payment services until we have fully verified all the information submitted to us. Once the account is ready, we will notify you and you may email us at any time at to check on the status of your application.

As a business user you may opt to have access to multiple sterling and euro Fire accounts. A Fire sterling account has a sort code & account number and a euro account has an IBAN associated with it. Anyone (e.g. a customer) who wishes to pay you by bank transfer may use these account numbers to transfer funds into your Fire account from any bank account in the UK or Eurozone. A bank transfer usually takes between a few hours and a day to reach its destination.

Specifically – UK (sterling) bank transfers may be remitted to Fire accounts via Faster Payments and BACS, while Euro bank transfers may be sent via the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) scheme.

To transfer funds out of your Fire account (e.g. paying staff or suppliers) via a bank transfer, you must first create a payee in the account section of the online application and enter/save their bank account details. You may then select the bank transfer option to execute an external bank transfer from your Fire account.

You can use your account to pay by Direct Debit on all your GBP accounts. We are working on enabling Direct Debits for EUR accounts and will inform all customers when they are available.

Euro Bank transfers out are processed each business day at 9:15am and 1:30pm. Sterling bank transfers out are processed at 9:15am and 4:30pm on business days.

Internal transfers between same currency Fire accounts are completed instantly. Internal transfers to another currency account (e.g. transferring from a Fire euro account to a Fire sterling account) are also instant.

Internal transfers between same currency accounts are completed instantly. Internal transfers to another currency account (e.g. transferring from a euro account to a sterling account) are also instant.

Should you wish to receive international payments via SWIFT please contact the support team – .

As a business customer you may order debit cards at any time using our online web application. When ordering a card you will need to confirm the person within your business (user) and the sterling and euro account to which the card is to be linked.

Your card will usually arrive in five business days. Fire debit cards may be used anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo – in store, online, for recurring bills and at ATMs for cash withdrawals. When your card arrives, you must activate the card by following the instructions in the letter.

Your Fire debit card is linked to both a specific sterling and a specific euro account. So if you are purchasing in sterling or euro you must have funds in the respective account. Purchases in any other currencies (e.g. US Dollars) are converted and applied to your default account (euro for Eurozone residents and sterling for UK residents).

Once you have opened a Fire account, you may access the API section (settings) of the web application and set up the tokens necessary to integrate your own applications to retrieve data from your Fire accounts. Your applications may read data in your Fire accounts and the token you create may be permission based.

Within this section you may also configure web hooks – so you enter the URLs to which we will send data as certain events occur. This is a very useful way to manage lodgements and update your own applications.

Fire account statements are available online in the web application. You may download statements in PDF format or as excel/CSV files for specific months.

We have OFX formatted statements that are compatible with Xero, Sage One, QuickBooks, FreeAgent, Zoho Books etc. You can download these from the account details screen, by clicking the Actions… » Download Statement… menu item and selecting OFX Format.

Within the “settings” section of the Fire web application, you may set up additional users who may need to access the account or require a debit card. You may assign specific roles to users. Additional users will be requested to upload documentation for verification, prior to gaining access.

You may use the Fire web application to create payment requests for distribution to Fire personal users. Payment request may be configured for one/many time(s) and one/many person(s) payment and may be sent as QR codes or URLs over any medium – email, text, app, printed etc.

Personal Fire account holders may pay these requests, which are notified to you and processed in real time.

To access the Fire Web Application you will need your business ID, email and password. Within the application you will be asked for your access code for certain types of transactions and activities. In addition you must have a mobile phone paired to your firework Mobile Application. We invoke the need for 2FA for specific transaction types and events. The application uses security technologies to ensure the privacy of data and the authentication of users. If at any time you have concerns over your account, you must contact us.

Should you misplace one of your debit cards, there is an option within the application to block the card. It is important that you block any cards that are lost.

Dual Authorisation is a security feature that allows business API customers to set up two or more different users to authorise API payments. This is an added security measure that removes the risk of an individual authorising inappropriate or incorrect payments, while making it harder for fraudsters to compromise your business activities.

When a payment is created via the business API, any number of registered users can be set up to authorise the payment(s). The authorisers will receive push notifications to their mobile devices and will be required to enter their security code or fingerprint to authorise the payment. API payment requests without authorisation from the number of required users will be rejected and discarded.

Fire and are trading names for Fire Financial Services Limited. Fire Financial Services (fire-EU) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Payment Institution and as such it is authorised to provide specific payments accounts and services. Fire Financial Services (fire-UK) is authorised as an Electronic Money Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are not a bank and we do not provide credit (loans) or overdrafts. Nor do we pay any interest on funds that may be held in a Fire account.

All client funds (i.e. your money) are held in separate, ring fenced accounts in tier one financial institutions. Client funds are never mixed with our own funds, never invested nor used for any operational purpose. No liquidator, receiver, administrator, examiner or creditor of a Payment Institution or Electronic Money Institution, nor the official assignee in bankruptcy has any recourse or right against client funds held in accordance with the above.

As the fire-EU payments licence is an EU based regulation, Fire has passported its licence to other European countries to offer our services across Europe.

Details of our founder and board of directors are available in the About Us section of the web site. If you have any other questions, comments or feedback we would be delighted to hear from you at any time –

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. We take appropriate measures to ensure confidentiality of all personal data, both paper and electronic required for the operation of our business. We take appropriate steps to protect data stored or transmitted against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss or alteration, and unauthorised or unlawful storage, processing, access or disclosure.

We are committed to and comply with all relevant Data Protection and Privacy legislation and/or regulations of the jurisdictions within which we operate. We will ensure that your personal data can be used only by authorised personnel for legally authorised purposes. We will only use personal data in our possession for its intended specific and authorised purpose.

Your personal data may be transferred to contracted third parties, e.g. banks and other firms external to us for the purposes of providing our services to you. In these circumstances Fire will oblige contracted third parties to ensure that your personal data is securely managed and protected at all times. These third parties will only process and use your personal data in line with specific instructions.

We or our contracted third parties may share your personal information with authorities within Ireland, the United Kingdom and abroad to prevent money laundering, terrorism and fraud in order to meet legal obligations.

Your personal data will be retained and maintained in accordance with applicable Data Protection and Privacy laws and regulations which oblige Fire to hold its customer data for up to six years after the last transaction or end of business relationship whichever comes first.

You can accept Fire Open Payments in both EUR and GBP.