Let’s make payments better together.

Bringing payments innovation to reality.

Looking to launch a new product, generate new revenue streams or enhance your payment services with the latest digital financial solutions, we are committed to working with other financial institutions to help make payments better, together.


Go to market with new payment solutions

Launch new innovative digital payment solutions to your customers, reducing your development costs and time by utilising the expertise and experience of Fire to build customised and bespoke integrations.

Open Banking payment acceptance

Launch your own branded Open Banking payment solution to your customers enabling the acceptance of account based payment methods - including Open Banking and other account based payment arrangements.

Build better marketplace solutions

Complete the picture – partner with Fire so you can offer your marketplace clients the ability to pay out to sellers in a compliant and integrated fashion, enabling payments in the new world digital economy.

How we help financial institutions

We have partnered with some of world’s largest financial institutions, enabling them to enhance their product offerings – all in jig time.

Realising innovation through Partnerships

If you are a business involved in the provision of payment or financial services, e.g. a card acquirer, gateway or ISO and you are seeking to enhance your product offering, then we are ready to design and build customised solutions, giving you access to the latest digital account platform.

Open Banking Payment Acceptance

As a digital account and payments platform Fire can open up access to new markets for financial institutions. We have extensive experience enabling FIs to launch Open Banking Payment acceptance solutions – across the full spectrum of payment initiation, collections, reconciliation and settlement. You can enable merchants to receive account-based payments online, on mobile or by QR code.

Beyond Open Banking

As a truly digital account platform Fire is the ideal environment for building account to account payment acceptance solutions. Whether it’s a new scheme, payment arrangement, a euro project or a national/domestic banking app, the Fire platform can easily and fully support these new payment flows.

High Volume Pay-outs

If you need to process vast volumes of sterling and euro pay-outs over private and dedicated infrastructure then Fire, with a great track record in this field can help you. For example, card acquirers may face the challenge of offering holistic marketplace solutions and Fire can help with the settlement, pay-out to sellers and integration.

Bespoke Integrations

Fire has significant experience in building customised interfaces (what we call connectors) for large financial institutions. This allows you to minimise your IT development efforts while also enabling us to build a solution that is truly extensible. Our services will grow and change with you – our solutions are designed to meet the demands of the ever-changing financial services environment.

Fire brings innovation and digital payments to life. Some of largest financial institutions in the UK & Europe work with us.

If you wish to set up a call to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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A bit about us?

The background to Fire?

We were founded by FinTech pioneers with decades of experience in financial services – we’ll work with you to understand your business and agree the best partnership framework that truly enables your ambitions.

Our team is engaged at the heart of the payment ecosystem across the UK, Ireland the wider EU. We participate on numerous payments industry fora and are highly regarded digital payment experts, having significant experience in implementing partnerships with some very large financial institutions.

Our Regulatory Status

We are regulated in Ireland (by the Central Bank of Ireland) since 2010 as a Payments Institution and in the UK we are authorised by the FCA as an e-money Institution since 2019. We are licenced to provide a range of payment services.