Business Account Fees

The following are the fees and charges which apply for the use of the Business Account.

Fees are charged at the time of the payment. For outbound bank transfers, fees are charged in addition to the amount of the payment. For inbound bank transfers and payment request payments, fees are automatically debited from the total of the payment received.

Set Up Fee€0.00 / £0.00
The business account comes with a Euro and a Sterling account as standard.
Monthly Fee€0.00 / £0.00
Bank Transfer Out€0.49 / £0.49
Bank Transfer In€0.49 / £0.49
1% for transfers under €49 / £49
Minimum fee: €0.10 / £0.10
Direct Debits€0.49 / £0.49
Unpaid Direct Debit Fee: €0.00 / £0.00
Represented Direct Debit: €2.49 / £2.49 do not charge a fee if there are insufficient funds to pay a Direct Debit. A once-off higher fee is charged if that Direct Debit is subsequently represented by the biller.

Payment Request Paid1% of the value of the request
Maximum fee: €10.00 / £10.00
Minimum fee: €0.05 / £0.05
Foreign Exchange Transfer1.25%
Minimum fee: €1.25 / £1.25
Additional Accounts
(Euro or Sterling)
€100.00 / £100.00
This is a once-off fee debited from
your default account at time of opening.
Debit Card Fees€40.00 / £40.00 per card (one-off)
€0.40 / £0.40 per Chip & PIN/Contactless/Online
€2.50 / £2.50 per ATM withdrawal*
2% International Fee (non-Euro and Sterling) in addition to fees above

* Irish Customers are also charged Irish Government Stamp Duty of 12c for each ATM withdrawal (to a max of €5.00 per year).