Covid-19: Our Response

Arising from the spread of Covid-19 we have outlined below our response to the ongoing incident. We have been monitoring the situation closely and we are constantly considering the guidance issued by state and national response teams.

Our Primary Goals
Fire’s primary goals are to ensure the continuity of services and to protect our people. Our Incident Management Response Team is responsible for overseeing the situation and making decisions that help us to achieve our primary goals. The Fire Response Team is meeting daily to review our response and take appropriate decisions.

After close of business on the 13th March, a case of Covid-19 in Fire’s UK office building (the Rise) was confirmed by the property manager. There is nothing to indicate that our people were exposed to the individual case. As per our assessment policy, the London office incident classification has changed to ‘critical’. All UK based staff will work from home until such time as the classification has changed.

The incident classification is unchanged at ‘high’ for all other locations.

Our Services
In terms of our services – our Business Continuity Plan is at the core of our decision making and it ensures that all services remain operational. We don’t foresee any impact on your use of your Fire accounts and payment services. In the unlikely event that there is a change to this position, you’ll be notified as soon as possible. If you have any concerns or need any advice in relation to your Fire account, please contact our Support Team (

From Wednesday 1st April we have increased our contactless limit on debit cards to €50.00 and £45.00 respectively, in keeping with the industry wide movement to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Our People
From Friday 13th March and as part of our Business Continuity Planning, we have invoked a Work from Home arrangement in all our office locations. All Fire staff – located in London, Dublin, Cork and Madrid – are recommended to work from home. We have provided solutions to ensure everyone can work as normal from home and we are committed to ensuring our people have a safe environment.

Based on the confirmed Covid-19 case in the UK office building, all UK Fire staff were informed the building shouldn’t be accessed  and they are required to work from home until further notice.

Additionally, we have restricted all travel, cancelled our St Patrick’s Day reception and any face to face meetings have been reorganised to digital channels.

Fire will continue to keep the situation under review and update this page as the situation evolves. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our Support Team ( who are committed to delivering the same level of service throughout this period.