and Brexit

Arising from Brexit, we have taken action to ensure all our customers will continue to have access to all our account and payment services, irrespective of the final political arrangements.

What is Brexit?

On the 29th March 2017, the United Kingdom (UK) notified the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the European Union (EU) pursuant to Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union (TEU). The withdrawal will take place from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification, on 30th March 2019. The UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU includes the UK leaving the European Single Market.

What are the implications is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and trades in the UK under a passporting arrangement. We are exposed to the implications of a ‘no-deal Brexit’ in that the option to passport (to the UK) would no longer be available and we could potentially lose access to some sterling-based services. To ensure these issues didn’t become a reality, the team developed an approach to minimise customer impact and ensure all services will remain available regardless of the outcome of Brexit.’s response

In order to ensure our ability to continue to provide and access services in the UK (in the event of a hard Brexit), we have established a UK entity (“Fire-UK”). In October 2018 we submitted an application for authorisation to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). If this approval is not completed by 29th March 2019, we will apply to the FCA for access to the Temporary Permission Regime, so that we can continue to provide and access services in the UK.

Going forward, our EU customers will continue to be contracted with the current Irish/EU regulated entity (“Fire-EU”) while UK customers will be contracted with Fire-UK.

We have also put solutions in place with our key third-party providers, so we can continue to provide the same range of services, while minimising impact to our existing customers.

What does this mean for customers?

Our main priority is to minimise the impact of Brexit to our customers however, for some customers there may be some changes that will need to occur. These changes will be limited and we will communicate directly with impacted customers, well in advance and advise of any impact or action required. We will provide full support and ensure that any changes are seamless.

Conclusion will continue to enable you to make and receive payments in euro and sterling, regardless of the outcome of Brexit. We believe our approach will minimise the impact to customers whilst ensuring we can maintain the same service levels across both the UK and EU.  If you have any queries in relation to this e-mail, please don’t hesitate to contact