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The best alternative to traditional business bank accounts for start-ups and business owners

You’ve come up with the concept, approved your plan, registered your company name and had your licenses approved… what next? When it comes to choosing a business account there are so many packages on offer and after the long process of getting your company incorporated, some might find it tempting to stick with what you know and open a business current account with the bank you use personally. But although it may seem like an easier route to take, sticking to the default might not offer the best value or best-fit option for you.

Business is changing. Digital transformation is happening across every sector and to remain competitive companies need to make sure the tools they use help them to achieve their goals and don’t slow them down. From accounting, to invoicing, to communications to procurement – nearly every business process is going digital. And the account you use for handling your payments should be no different.

At, we listen to the problems that businesses face when managing their finances and we provide workable solutions. Over 3,000 companies across the UK and Ireland are using a account today to receive, make and sort their payments. They are reaping the benefits with more visibility over their finances and greater choice and control over how they manage their business.

For smaller businesses, the account comes with specific features and benefits that make it a genuine alternative to high street current accounts and an ideal fit for entrepreneurs starting up or scaling a business. These include but are not limited to:

A digital-first experience – everything you need at your fingertips

With a business account you can instantly create as many sterling and euro accounts as you like and order as many Mastercard debit cards as you need. Change what accounts the cards are linked to in real-time and block/unblock as needed. With our digital FX service, you can move between the two currencies seamlessly and at highly competitive rates. Our user experience is designed with real-time mobile notifications informing you of any movement within your account and the ability to segregate funds into clearly assigned streams for easy reconciliation and budget allocation.

Pay-as-you-go– no hidden fees, no extra charges.

We charge no set-up fee and no monthly fee. Pay as you transact. Real-time notifications of charges and no bill shock; our fees are fixed and upfront and we will always inform you of any changes. View our pricing structure here.

Integrated  all your disparate systems combined under one roof

Business accounts with are compatible with all major accounting tools with statements provided in formats suitable for Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Free Agent and Zoho. With its own API, the platform can integrate with any third-party system meaning as your business grows, so can your current account functionality. Combine disparate databases for one-dashboard control, automate complex payments and take the headache out of reconciliation giving you the time and space you need to focus on scaling your business.

Alongside catering to startups and small businesses,’s services are also highly beneficial for those seeking a business account for freelancers. This account type provides the adaptability and digital tools that freelancers require to streamline their financial management.

Our services are equally adept at meeting the needs of larger organisations. accounts are well-suited for enterprise payment services, offering the scalability and advanced features that larger enterprises require. This makes them a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that as your business grows, your financial management capabilities can grow with it.

For detailed insights and answers to common questions, you can explore our Business Banking FAQs, a comprehensive resource tailored to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in their financial journey.

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