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Debit cards

Manage your business expenses and subscriptions.

Issue all the cards you need to run your business in a controlled, integrated and secure manner.

Why choose Fire’s debit cards?


Issue all the MasterCard® debit cards you need along with all the accounts required to create the optimal setup for reconciliation and automated payment processing.

Change your setup at any time by linking your cards to any and all of your Fire accounts.


Control your cards, check PINs, block and unblock as required. Issue cards to staff as card-only users, restricting their access to other account actions.

Receive mobile notifications as cards are used, maintaining control over your financial setup.


The Fire Payments API enables you to issue new cards, view transaction data, block and unblock directly from your internal systems.

Opt to receive real time webhooks/notifications for every authorisation so you can remain in control.

Use Cases

Reconcile your card spend

Use the Fire platform to open all the accounts you need - one for each of your clients, staff members, or projects you have underway.

Issue Fire debit cards for each of your accounts ensuring a controlled and fully reconcilable card spending environment.

Eliminate enhanced reporting requirements and the need to complete manual returns to tax authorities on personal cards expense spending.

Marketing agenciesCar dealershipsTravel agenciesShopping and delivery platforms

Integrate card flows directly into your systems

Open accounts instantly, provide expense cards via the app or the Fire Payments API for immediate access to funds. Real-time notifications enhance visibility, while manual or API-based card blocking and unblocking boosts fund control.

Additionally, you can open multiple subaccounts and link the card to the preferred account.

Marketing agenciesCar dealershipsTravel agenciesShopping and delivery platforms

Track your branch expenses

Businesses with multiple branches desire to manage expenses in an automated way. With Fire debit cards you can create multiple accounts under one profile, enabling the linking of multiple cards to any account and setting up unique user roles, thus providing convenience and security.

Freeze and unfreeze cards instantly and use multi-user authentication with admin approval for transactions to enhance control while maintaining flexibility.

Car dealershipsBusinesses with multiple branches


Integrating with the Fire Payments API provides you with flexibility and control.

Order debit cards as needed and block and unblock them on demand. Enjoy simplified, efficient fund transfers: real-time integrated payments mean that Fire-to-Fire transfers occur instantly and can even be automated through the API, enabling swift and effortless funding of debit card-linked accounts.

For enhanced oversight and management, card transaction details can be integrated into your existing systems for effective reconciliation and tracking.

See integration guides


Fire is a principal issuer of MasterCard® since 2016, making us one of the first payment institutions to be authorised as a member. Our debit cards can be used for in-store payments, online shopping, and ATM cash withdrawals. We employ security protocols such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure (3DS) to bolster the security of our debit cards. We ensure that our customers' transactions are protected against unauthorised access, reinforcing our commitment to providing a trusted and secure financial experience.

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