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Open banking payments

Get paid faster, lower your fees and reduce fraud.

Enhance your payment acceptance process by enabling your customers to pay directly from their accounts. Customers are redirected to their banking apps where they instantly approve the payment.

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You'll be directed to your account provider to complete a payment.

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Why choose Fire open banking payments?

We developed our open banking payment acceptance solution with a holistic and merchant-focused approach, providing a full service to merchants – from payment initiation to collections, reconciliation, settlement, and refunds.

Cost-effective payment acceptance

Accepting payments by bank transfer through Fire open banking payments is cost-effective, with a simple, low fee and reduced chargebacks.

Using open banking payments brings control to the payment acceptance process. Fire provides a full collections service that offers instant reconciliation without involving cards, multiple third parties, hidden fees or small print. It removes the need for merchants to implement 3D secure as the payer’s bank or account provider must authenticate the payer.

Fully reconciled collections service

Fire provides the capability to provide seamless and automated payouts and refunds by directly accessing consumer bank account information. Fire offers both payment initiation and collections, an end-to-end open banking payments journey. This allows you to associate data with the payment, manage the refunds process, automate reconciliation, and segregate funds where needed.

Customised screens reflecting your brand

Fire open banking payments can be seamlessly integrated into the payment process.

We support the customisation of the payment pages, so your customer sees your branding, incorporating your logo, colours and fonts. This ensures a smooth and consistent user journey for your customer.

Mobile-first design

Fire's mobile-first design offers an attractive, secure payment method, integrated with all major banks and account providers.

Customers can start payments on your website or mobile app and seamlessly switch to their mobile banking app to complete the payment, then return to your site, ensuring a smooth experience.

More than just open banking

The Fire Payments API offers a complete range of payment services in addition to open banking payment acceptance, allowing you to access all the payment services you need through a single provider. Opting for a provider that is not limited to open banking payment acceptance but provides other services is important to businesses from a risk, supplier management and cost perspective.

Fire's solution helps you to manage all your payment needs - payment acceptance, automating payouts, segregating funds, segregating fees and expense management.

Use Cases

By embracing open banking payments, businesses can enhance checkout experiences, improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and simplify payment processes.

Payment links and buttons

Integrating open banking payment requests into your website, mobile app or e-invoice with payment links offers your customers a user-friendly payment option.

Streamline the payment process by inserting open banking payment links into your documents, e-invoices, bills, fines or promotional materials, enabling a seamless, secure payment journey for your customers.

Charities & nonprofitsGas & Electricity SuppliersUtilitiesInsuranceInvestmentsTravel and hospitalityLuxury retailE-commerceMoney remittanceiGamingServiced apartments and aparthotelsConstruction Equipment Rental & LeasingAuctioneersHeating oil suppliers

QR codes

QR codes are a versatile tool for payment collection as they can be placed on billboards, websites, social media platforms, flyers, leaflets, and invoices.

Determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by using distinct QR codes in different locations and analysing the payment data collected.

Charities & nonprofitsGas & Electricity SuppliersUtilitiesTravel and hospitalityParking industryLive entertainment (bars, pubs and clubs)

POS systems

Point-of-sale (POS) systems can leverage open banking payments to enable secure and seamless payments directly from customers' bank accounts. This can be particularly beneficial for larger purchases like furniture, electronics, and cars.

Integrating this payment method into your systems provides advantages for merchants such as lower costs, faster settlement and improved conversion/payment success rates.

Car dealershipsStores selling big-ticket itemsPersonal luxury goodsBuilder merchant industry

NFC tags

Near Field Communication (NFC) tags allow for contactless payments with a simple tap, streamlining the payment process. These small electronic devices store and transmit data wirelessly to other NFC-enabled devices through touch or proximity.

Customer convenience can be improved by integrating open banking payments into NFC tags, customer convenience in retail stores, events, and transportation systems.

Event managementTransportation companiesPersonal luxury goodsTravel and hospitalityBuilders merchant industry


Use the Fire Payments API to facilitate customer payments through bank apps and efficiently reconcile them into your euro or sterling Fire accounts. Our API offers insight into the payment process, enabling you to leverage payment data for supply chain and reconciliation management.

Integrating account-based payment flows is simple by using the Fire Payments API to integrate with existing systems for automated collection and reconciliation services.

The Fire Payments API


Fire is among the first companies in Ireland and the UK to offer open banking payment acceptance, viewing it as the initial stage of account-based payments. We anticipate further innovation and regulatory changes leading to the evolution of account-based payments beyond open banking. As a dually regulated business, Fire uses its own technology and licenses to provide payment services and is dedicated to introducing this new payment method into the Irish and UK markets.

Regulatory information

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