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FX and international transfers

Reduce your FX costs with our competitive rates.

Instantly move funds between your euro and sterling Fire accounts, 24/7 for better management of your treasury function. Save costs on your international payouts by using local payment rails.

Why do FX with Fire?

Our internal FX transfers are instant with highly competitive rates, allowing you to save on costs and effectively manage your money.


Fire offers access to euro and sterling accounts as standard.

You can instantly transfer funds between these accounts at competitive rates, real-time, 24/7, enabling you to trade and hold funds in both the EU and the UK seamlessly.


Fire’s international payouts solution enables you to pay your suppliers and partners in euro, sterling and 12 additional currencies.

Sending payments in local currency helps businesses avoid currency risk from exchange rate fluctuations and remain competitive.


Using the Fire Payments API to automate international multi-currency payments can significantly streamline the payment process, reducing the time and resources required to manually process payments.

In addition, the Fire Payments API enables you to implement multi-user authorisation for your payouts.

Use Cases

Improving currency management

Get paid in euro or sterling, hold funds in euro or sterling and pay out in 14 different currencies.

Easily manage your cash flow and currency exposure by instantly transferring funds between your euro and sterling Fire accounts, allowing you to make informed cash flow decisions and optimise liquidity.

Financial institutionsPlatformsTravel & hospitalityGamingLogistics

International payouts

Fire allows you to pay your international payees in their own currency, allowing you to remain competitive in the global marketplace, and reducing the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

Use Fire’s payment API to streamline your payouts to international payees. Automate payments to suppliers, customers and other partners abroad, seamlessly integrating with your own applications or backend systems.

Financial institutionsPlatformsTravel & hospitalityGamingLogisticsPayments for international suppliers and overseas manufacturing

Pay out in 14 different currencies

When registering with Fire, you automatically receive both a euro and a sterling Fire account. This allows you to instantly transfer funds between your euro and sterling accounts and make payments in both currencies.

In addition to euro and sterling transfers, Fire offers international payouts to payees in the following countries and currencies using domestic account details:

  • Australia – Australian Dollar
  • Canada – Canadian Dollar
  • Czechia – Czech Koruna
  • Denmark – Danish Krone
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong Dollar
  • Hungary – Hungarian Forint
  • Norway – Norwegian Krone
  • Poland – Polish Zloty
  • Romania – Romanian Leu
  • Singapore - Singapore Dollar
  • Sweden - Swedish Krona
  • United States - US Dollar


Use the Fire Payments API to streamline automated international payments, relieving treasury teams from the manual process of instructing transfers and enabling multi-factor authentication within the payment processing flow.

See integration guides


Fire ensures transparency around FX rates and empowers businesses with optional multi-user authentication features for all transactions or those above a certain threshold. This added layer of control enhances security and trust in our FX and international transfer services.

Regulatory information

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