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Payments and accounts

Integrate with Fire and automate your payments.

Get paid and pay out across multiple accounts and currencies using the Fire Payments API to automate payment processes. Open as many accounts as you need to manage your payment automation.

Why automate your payments?

Automate large volumes of payouts to save time, reconcile instantly and streamline your payment processes.

Efficient and reliable

Open additional accounts in real-time. You can open a new euro or sterling Fire account via the web interface, or through the API, triggered by events from your own systems.

Transfer funds instantly between your euro and sterling Fire accounts.

Segregation of funds and instant reconciliation

Instantly open as many euro and sterling Fire accounts as you need, on demand, to support segregation of funds, streamlined reconciliation and enable faster identification of payments.

Each Fire account has a unique IE IBAN or UK account number.

Quicker settlement, same-day payments

Automating bank transfers can reduce settlement times, allowing your customers to access their funds quickly. Internal transfers between your Fire accounts are immediate and convenient.

Additionally, using the Fire Payments API ensures that payments received into your Fire accounts automatically prompt updates in your systems via event-driven webhooks.

Reduced administration, saved time

Fire enables automated inter-account transfers which can support segregation of funds, as well as automated bulk payments to third parties such as suppliers, customers or staff.

Reduce reconciliation processing times, and manual tasks. Fire helps you to automate payouts based on your own business logic, triggering payouts at certain times or as funds are received into your account.

Use Cases

Batch payments to employees or contractors

Transfer funds into your Fire account for automatic distribution to employees or contractors. Fire ensures swift reconciliation to identify payees and automate payouts, thus avoiding manual errors.

Apply your own logic to manage and split funds. Initiate payouts via the Fire Payments API.

Taxi companiesRidesharingLogisticsAgri-foodTipping platformsFinancial institutionsHealthcareInsuranceGamingRewardsCharities

Large volume payments to partners or suppliers

Initiate large volume batch payments to suppliers or partners through the Fire Payments API.

Fire streamlines payments by eliminating manual fund distribution. Manage unlimited account reconciliations, get instant payment notifications, set custom user access, and transfer money instantly between Fire accounts.

Financial institutionsAlternative finance providers

Multiple subaccounts opened in real-time

Open additional subaccounts with unique account details in real time, based on events like customer or employee onboarding. Transfer funds instantly between accounts, even in different currencies. Use the Fire Payments API to automatically distribute funds to your chosen subaccounts as they arrive.

Leverage multi-user authorisation, API responses, and webhooks for appropriate control, helping you better serve your business and reduce manual labour and time.

Digital marketing agenciesTaxi companiesRidesharingLogisticsAgri-foodTipping platformsFinancial institutionsHealthcareInsuranceGamingRewardsCharities


The Fire Payments API simplifies data exchange between business systems and accounts, addressing the challenge of reconciliation overheads and delays.

Through Fire’s API, you can create new batch, add payments, and submit the batch for approval. Payments can include domestic, internal, and international payouts available in 14 currencies. You can determine how many approvers are needed for each batch, and receive real-time notifications as payments are submitted, approved and completed.

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Our dedication to strong security measures has gained the trust of thousands of businesses that use Fire for payment processing and automation. Our services include a detailed security framework designed to meet PSD2 regulation and its technical standards. This framework includes authorisation and authentication of payment initiation batches through our Fire for Business mobile app.

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