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Automated large volume batch payments to distribute tips

Empowering JustTip to transfer tip payments and funds directly into employees' bank accounts on a weekly basis.

JustTip device in a coffee shop in Bray

The Highlights

  • 6000+payees
  • 158,000+total payments made
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JustTip offers customers the convenience of tipping in a cashless society, ensuring that tips go directly to the service providers and the employees delivering the services. The platform contributes to establishing an environment where tips are paid easily, quickly and fairly.

Fire’s API facilitates JustTip Tuesdays – the day when the tipping platform transfers funds directly to employees’ bank accounts on a weekly basis.

The Challenge

JustTip has over 350 locations onboard and is in contact with thousands of staff members who accept tip payments. As they receive funds in a single settlement from their acquiring partners, JustTip needs to distribute payouts to thousands of service workers and facilitate weekly withdrawals. This process could be quite confusing, error-prone, and time-consuming if reconciled and processed manually.

The solution

With Fire’s help, JustTip efficiently collects funds into their Fire account for automatic distribution, expediting settlement. Our systems enable rapid reconciliation to identify payees and automate payouts, removing the risk of manual errors. With Fire’s support, JustTip has automated large volume batch payments to all employees across partner facilities, handling over 2000 payments in a short time.

The Results

  • Saving timeFire's API speeds up settlements and reduces reconciliation processing times to mere minutes, liberating payment professionals from tasks that can be automated.
  • Reducing administration & avoiding errorsFire’s API streamlines payouts by automating bulk payments directly to dedicated accounts, enabling JustTip to minimise human error while leveraging a scalable solution.
  • Same-day paymentsIntegrating and automating bank transfers significantly reduces settlement times, enabling recipients to access their funds the day the transfer has been made.
Ciara Walsh, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at JustTip

"Fire is an easy-to-use system. We are able to use their API to push payments and also able to do manual payments when and if needed. The user interface is great. We have not had to use Fire Customer Service team yet which speaks volumes. Ease of use is the best feature with the knowledge of the security."

Ciara Walsh, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at JustTip

Q&A with JustTip

  • Why did you choose Fire over other providers?

    We chose Fire over other providers because they offer great value for money, are an established provider, and do not rely on third-party services.

  • How did you find the integration process to Fire’s API?

    Integrating with the Fire Payments API was smooth and straightforward.

  • How has Fire helped you to better serve your customers?

    Fire allows us to distribute tips to employees who can access their funds on the day of the transfer, ensuring that JustTip Tuesdays are always a success.

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