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Scaling globally with payment services in euro and sterling

Straight Teeth Direct Europe Limited is an international provider of digital dental healthcare and on-demand orthodontic treatment. Being able to reach their customers, wherever they are in the world, and receive payments at any time of day is integral to their day-to-day operations.

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The Challenge

Trading in over 50 countries, Straight Teeth Direct™ offers their customers the option to pay in either euro or sterling. Purchases are made in-app, on a once off or recurring basis, then processed by payments operator, Stripe. Straight Teeth Direct™ knew that, regardless of the Brexit outcome, it would need an account that allowed continued international sales. So, when establishing the Irish company their challenge was to find an account provider that would allow them to easily receive payments in both currencies, provide a competitive rate for foreign exchange services, and offer the reassurance that Brexit would not impact future growth.


The Solution

Fire’s business account solved Straight Teeth Direct™’s payment challenges by allowing the company to open digital euro and sterling accounts, managed from one central portal, with the ability to convert funds in real-time. Each account came with its own sort code and account number or IBAN, meaning incoming payments could be easily set up and managed. Visibility over incoming and outgoing payments was enhanced through real-time push notifications sent from the firework mobile app. With the ability to sign in and use Fire’s payment services via mobile or web app, real-time transactional data is available to Straight Teeth Direct™ 24/7. Fire is in the beneficial position as a payment service provider authorised to provide digital accounts to businesses in Ireland and the UK. This means that, irrespective of the Brexit outcome, they will be able to offer the same services to customers. This was a good fit for Straight Teeth Direct™ – an international business, requiring assurance that the way they use their account would not change due to Brexit.

The Results

  • Access to a range of payment servicesFrom Faster Payments to BACS for Sterling payments and SEPA for Euro payments.
  • Real-time foreign exchange at an interbank rateThe ability to convert funds instantly at a competitive rate 24/7, with adjusted pricing as volumes increase.
  • Instantly add new accounts, debit cards and usersManage accounts, change user permissions and order more cards using the firework online web portal.
  • Reduced requirement for foreign exchange servicesBy retaining funds in euro and sterling, Straight Teeth Direct™ can make and receive payments without having to exchange all of their funds, saving money in the long run.

"“Fire allows us to process and complete payments in euro and sterling quickly and efficiently, helping us provide our users with the best service. Like many other companies, Brexit posed a threat to our international sales and services. With Fire, we can turn our focus to our users’ needs, resting assured that our business account will not be altered as a result of Brexit.” "

Dr Aalok Y Shukla - CEO

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