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Making business payments more secure – with the firework mobile app

The need to make payments more secure whilst improving customer experience is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

Our business account is used by a diverse range of business customers. From online retailers to consultants, start-ups, sole traders, corporates and independent lenders, we have customers of all shapes and sizes using for their business payments.

As we engage with our customers we are fortunate to hear feedback about their previous banking experiences, such as “How come I get a notification to my phone when a friend is nearby or when someone likes my LinkedIn post, but my bank can’t notify me when a lodgement has arrived in my account?” We have also heard that the security processes associated with a typical business bank account are so awkward that the overall experience is sometimes counter intuitive and frustrating.

At we have set about creating an experience that gives businesses more peace of mind around what is happening on their accounts and with their funds. We strive to give our business customers more control, more visibility, more awareness and real-time alerts, so that safety is at the core of the overall experience of a Fire business account.

With the firework app our business customers can:

  • get real time alerts and notifications when any payment comes in or out of their account – it may be a customer paying an invoice, the accounts department paying a supplier or a member of their team using their debit card;
  • use the firework app as their card reader (or fob) – e.g. when setting up a payee; No more wondering where you left the fob – it’s all covered in the firework app;
  • verify themselves when speaking to us – as we can send a verification ping to the app in real time. You know you’re talking to us and we know it’s you;
  • instantly block and unblock their debit card(s) via the app.

We hope that these features make our business customers feel more secure and in control of their business payments. We are committed to helping our customers with better business payments and we are always delighted to receive feedback on what we can do to make work best for you.

Colm Lyon, CEO