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Fire – A Real Alternative for Ulster Bank Business Customers

Getting a new Business Account shouldn’t be a “big move”.

Opening a new business account shouldn’t be a big move. With Ulster Bank now sending out thousands of letters to businesses across Ireland, customers will be assessing their options and deciding what works best for them. We at Fire are here to help business customers of Ulster Bank.

We aim to make a Fire business account an ideal alternative for Ulster Bank Business Customers. Businesses may apply online, so no branch visits or delays, the accounts are low cost and include a great range of payment services to cater for all business needs.

Who we are

Fire is an Irish headquartered business, founded in 2010 by Colm Lyon, one of Ireland’s leading fintech and payments entrepreneurs. The business is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a payments institution since its establishment. The team is based in the CHQ Building on the North Quays in Dublin. We also have offices in London, UK where we have been regulated by the FCA since 2019 (post Brexit).

Fire has thousands of business customers across Ireland and the UK including some very large financial institutions. As an Irish business we aim to understand the needs of the local market.

What’s a Fire Account

With a Fire Business Account you will get access to:

  • euro and sterling accounts – open as many as required

  • all the debit cards you need for your business and staff

  • bank transfers, FX services, pay by direct debit

  • mobile app for real time notifications and security

  • open banking payments – so you can get paid more easily

  • integration options for accounting systems

Additionally with a Fire Business Account, customers can integrate their systems for better reconciliation and straight through automated payment processing.

As Fire is a local and regulated account provider, all euro accounts have Irish (IE) IBANs, and sterling accounts have UK sort code/ account number – so former Ulster Bank business customers will have no problems paying and getting paid.

How to apply

Our mission is to remove friction and hassle for businesses when it comes to accounts, cards and payments. You can apply for an account here and the process is completely online – so no branch visits and no waiting lists to see someone to talk about opening an account. You’re in control.

Apply below or reach out to our sales team for more information at 

The Fire team.