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Creating digital accounts and debit cards with the API

With more than 3,000 businesses now using, we are continuously enhancing our platform and adding new payment services to help our customers pay and get paid. The API enables businesses to deeply integrate’s account features and payment services with their own systems. Whether automating reconciliation, splitting funds or initiating payments out, our powerful API can enhance and simplify a range of payment processes.

Based on customer feedback, we have recently included the ability to create new sterling and euro accounts and Mastercard® debit cards via the API. This enables businesses to open new accounts within their profile in real-time with specific account details (account number and sort code or IBAN) for settlement and reconciliation purposes. It also enables businesses to create all the debit cards they need when onboarding new staff members or contractors.

Using rapidly scalable technology that can seamlessly integrate with customer’s existing systems, the API is enabling businesses across a wide range of industries to build fully automated payment processes. For example, we currently support Ireland’s fastest growing business lending companies to automate payments using our standardised API, while revolutionising on-demand grocery delivery through deep integration with third party delivery platforms such as Buymie.

Here is what some of our customers have said about our service:

“Using allows us to boost productivity by reducing the hours involved in processing settlements from an estimated 1.5 hours per day to just 15 minutes”.  Gary Grimes – Senior Operations Manager, Grid Finance.

“ enables us to instantly open accounts and provide debit cards to each of our shoppers, so they can immediately access the funds they need”. Devan Hughes – CEO and Co-Founder, Buymie.

If you are interested in learning more about the API or about how can help your business to manage payments, please contact our sales team at’s API documentation is publicly available at