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Shopping made easy for online grocery platform using the API

The Challenge

Buymie are an on-demand grocery delivery platform enabling customers to order goods from a selection of local stores and have them delivered by a personal shopper in as little as 1 Hour. They were seeking a solution to help with distributing, managing and controlling the funds that their contracted shoppers use to purchase groceries.

To ensure that operations ran effectively and securely, Buymie required a payments service offering multiple digital accounts, multiple debit cards and instant transfers between accounts. They also needed a solution that could be integrated with their systems and controlled centrally.

The Solution

With a business account, Buymie can instantly open digital accounts and add debit cards for each of their shoppers. This enables them to provide the shoppers with a debit card linked to a specific account, so a shopper only has access to the funds when they need to make a purchase.

With instant transfers between accounts initiated from their own systems, Buymie can immediately make funds available to a shopper’s debit card when they receive an order. This reduces the risk of lost funds and provides a seamless experience for shoppers.

When a shopper makes a purchase with a debit card, Buymie receives instant notifications that can be integrated with their system to assist with tracking orders. If debit cards are lost, stolen or used inappropriately, Buymie can instantly block the debit card online or via a mobile app, giving them ultimate control.

The Benefits

Open multiple accounts instantly – Buymie can instantly open individual euro and sterling accounts, each with unique IBAN or account numbers, for the segregation of funds.

Order multiple debit cards – Buymie can order multiple debit cards on demand and provide them to their shoppers, giving them controlled access to funds for purchasing goods in-store.

Real-time integrated payments – fire-to-fire transfers are instant and can be automated via API enabling Buymie to give shoppers instant access of funds to make purchases, wherever they are.

Real time notifications – Real-time notifications are received when shoppers make purchases, allowing Buymie to track orders and keep customers updated.

Enhanced visibility – Buymie have greater visibility of their transactions resulting in a clear, fast and transparent flow of information to their finance department.

Enhanced security and control  – Buymie reduce the risk of lost funds by being able to restrict the funds that shoppers have access to and by being able to instantly block and unblock debit cards.


As an on-demand grocery delivery platform, the ability to fulfil customer orders quickly and efficiently is critical to our business. enables us to instantly open accounts and provide debit cards to each of our shoppers, so they can immediately access the funds they need to purchase groceries. With real time notifications and the ability to block and unblock debit cards, we now have greater visibility and control over funds – adding value to our service and improving customer experience. The support team have been very helpful and professional – from opening our account to integrating with our system, we have found them to be very responsive. We consider to be a key partner in the future growth of our business.

– Devan Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder.

About Buymie

Buymie are an on-demand grocery delivery platform allowing individuals to purchase groceries from local retail stores and receive orders the same day of purchase. Buymie customers simply open Buymie app, place an order from a choice of local grocery stores and select a one-, two- or three-hour delivery time.

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