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Ordering a Fire debit card

You can order a Fire debit card in ‘firework online’ under the ‘Debit Card’ tab.

When ordering a card you will need to confirm the business user who will use the card and the sterling and euro account to which the card is to be linked.

Fire debit cards may be used anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo – in store, online, for recurring bills and at ATMs for cash withdrawals. When your card arrives, activate the card by following the instructions below.

Each Fire debit card is linked to both a specific sterling and a specific euro account. So if you are making a purchase in euro you will need sufficient funds in the Euro account linked to the card, and similarly if you are making a Sterling purchase you must have sufficient funds in the Sterling account linked to the card.

Purchases in any other currencies (e.g. US Dollars) will be converted and withdrawn from your default account (Euro for businesses incorporated in Ireland and Sterling for businesses incorporated in the UK).

  1. Sign in to your Fire Business Account .
  2. Go to the ‘Debit Cards’ tab and click on the ‘Add Fire Debit Card’ button.

46 BUPA Add Debit Card

  1. Select the relevant information, enter a secure card pin and click the ‘Next’ button.
  2. Enter your access code and 2FA code (the 2FA code can be found in the ‘Security’ section of the ‘firework for mobile’ app –  see the image below) and click the ‘Add Fire Debit Card’ button.


Once you receive your card in the post (usually within five business days), it will need to be activated by an Administrator on your business’ account.

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