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How do I transfer money to and from my Fire account?

As a full user you will have access to a Sterling and a Euro Fire account. The Fire Sterling account has a sort code & account number and the Fire Euro account has an IBAN. You or anyone who wishes to pay you by bank transfer may use these account numbers to transfer funds into your Fire account from any bank account in the UK or Eurozone. A bank transfer usually takes between a few hours and a business day to reach its destination.

Specifically – UK (Sterling) bank transfers may be remitted to Fire accounts via Faster Payments and BACS, while Euro bank transfers may be sent via the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) scheme.

To transfer funds out of your Fire account via a bank transfer, you must first create a payee in the account tab of the app and enter/save their bank account details. You may then select the bank transfer option to execute an external bank transfer from your Fire account.

You can use your account to pay by Direct Debit on all your GBP accounts. We are working on enabling Direct Debits for EUR accounts and will inform all customers when they are available.

Euro Bank transfers out are processed each business day at 9:15am and 1:30pm. Sterling bank transfers out are processed at 9:15am and 4:30pm on business days.

Internal transfers between same currency Fire accounts are completed instantly. Internal transfers to another currency account (e.g. transferring from a Fire euro account to a Fire sterling account) are also instant.

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