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How can I send and receive funds to and from other people?

You may use the Fire app to send and receive funds to and from other Fire users. The payments section of the app will show you who’s #onfire in your contacts. Transfers to other Fire users are completed in real time and instantly accessible. You may pay and request funds from your contacts.

If you transfer funds to a contact who is  not #onfire, the funds will be taken from your account and held for seven days so your contact may sign up for Fire. When your contact signs up the funds that you sent are immediately lodged to their account. If they do not sign up within seven days, the funds will automatically be returned to you.

You may share a payment request (using the share option) to other apps, such as messenger or WhatsApp, email, text etc. for group requests and if you are requesting funds from people who are not #onfire. You will be notified as payments arrive.

You may also make an anonymous payment to another Fire user; just tap on the privacy option when making the payment and deselect the data to send with the payment. The payee will see a message saying they have received an anonymous payment and none of your details.

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