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Want to spark up your career? Then join the team.

Let’s be honest. Not every role or organisation works out the way you thought or had hoped. Sometimes you just don’t feel like you are contributing at your best. You feel restrained and at times you think there are better ways to spend your days! You may have ideas that could actually have a positive impact but there doesn’t seem to be a way to make it happen. You are not building a career but doing a job.

Well – we at don’t think like that. We believe that our people should lead in learning and development and be constantly driven to understand our business. Our best people love to make our customers into heroes by giving them access to great payment services, built with a wonderful customer experience.

In the next two years we aim to become the largest provider of business digital accounts in the UK and Ireland. To achieve this mission we need more people.

So far the team of 18 people have built a cloud based platform that supports over a thousand businesses and processes millions worth of payments every month. We are regulated, joined numerous payment networks and recently became one of (if not the) first Payment Institution to join MasterCard® as a principle member – so we can issue our own debit cards. Our customers love the way the account can be opened online, the fact that accounts can be created in sterling and euro – enabling bank transfers, the business debit card and our API – so businesses can integrate their systems to their fire accounts – very happy customers!

Now we need to build more services and find more customers, so we are looking for product analysts and business development people to join our team. Our product, development and operations centre is on the Quays in Dublin and our sales and marketing team will be based at Rise London in Shoreditch.

So if you want to spark up your career and make an impact working in an organisation that is open, focused and driven to achieve its goals, apply here.

Colm Lyon

June 2017