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Things have changed – now you can too

When it comes to change, the payments landscape, like so many other aspects of business is undergoing deep transformation. This change is driven by many factors – technology, regulation and the ever-increasing pace at which we trade and communicate.’s mission is to help businesses with this change, by providing payment solutions and accounts that enable them to change the way they pay and get paid.

Central to the solution is our digital account. Available in sterling and euro, businesses can open multiple accounts under a single profile. We change the way businesses can open accounts, so subsequent accounts can be opened in real time, and businesses can order as many debit cards as required – linking these to different accounts. This changes the way businesses can manage their accounts, debit cards and payments.

Since every account has its own account number, businesses can pay and get paid by bank transfer to/from any bank in the UK or euro zone. Our mobile app helps keep businesses up to date with real time notifications for transactions and payments to approve.

To keep up with the pace of change, systems need to be integrated. Gone are the days of logging in to see if you have been paid. With businesses can integrate their systems to their accounts and cards. With the integration businesses can update their in-house systems as lodgements arrive, build in-house applications using the account and transaction data, and initiate payments automatically via in-house systems.

Enabling businesses to build deeply integrated payment processes delivers better reconciliation, reduces errors and saves time.

Moreover, the adaptability of’s digital accounts extends beyond traditional businesses, making them a perfect match for those in need of a bank account for freelance work. Freelancers, who often juggle multiple projects and clients, can benefit immensely from the real-time transaction notifications, easy account management, and the ability to integrate with various systems, ensuring their financial operations are as agile as their work.

We believe things have changed. We aim to help businesses change the way they pay and get paid. Over the last few weeks we have been working with some great guys to create a video that explains our message. Things have changed – now you can too.

For more information contact our sales team at  or you can open a business account online in as little as 48 hours. As always, we’d love to hear your .

Colm Lyon, CEO