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Irish Guide Dog Day – Using Open Banking Payments to assist fundraising

Photo: Roy Keane launches Irish Guide Dog Day (Friday 7th May 2021)

As Irish Guide Dogs for the blind launch their annual Guide Dog Day, we see Fire Open Payments / Account-to-Account Payments in action. are delighted to assist Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind with their annual Guide Dog Day. Guide Dog Day is a major annual charity event in Ireland that focuses on raising funds and awareness for the organisation. Starting this month, Irish Guide Dogs are using’s Open Banking payments solution that allows people to donate directly from their bank account with no card required. Try it out below by scanning or tapping the QR code!

Irish Guide Dogs will receive 100% of donations made through Fire Open Payments. For now, we recommend using Revolut, Fire, Bank of Ireland or Ulster Bank when making a payment; AIB expect to update their approval flow over the summer.

Scan or Tap the code to donate to the
Irish Guide Dogs using Fire Open Payments.

Fire’s CEO, Colm Lyon, had the following to say:

We are delighted to be working with Irish Guide Dogs and helping them to accept donations directly from peoples’ bank accounts. It’s such a simple and easy way for charities to accept donations – no card details to be entered, just tap or scan a QR code and approve the payment. It’s a great moment to see such a leading charity embrace a new and innovative way to accept donations.’

Fire Open Payments is available to charities or any organisation who wishes to accept payments via Open Banking.

What is Fire Open Payments?

Open Banking Payments are account-to-account payments that are initiated by the Payment Service Provider (PSP) directly from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account. In this case, is the PSP and the merchant is Irish Guide Dogs.

The core of Open Banking is based on customer consent. Open Banking allows customers to initiate a payment using their mobile banking app or online banking web portal. Funds are then transferred to the merchant using strong customer authentication without the use of a debit or credit card.

When making a payment, it is as easy as:

  1. Select your bank from the list.

  2. Authenticate with your bank and authorise the payment.

  3. You’re done!

If you’re interested in adopting Fire Open Payments as a payment method for your organisation, check out our Open Payments Page here or feel free to contact us directly.

Where does my Donation Go?

Irish Guide Dogs will receive 100% of donations made through Fire Open Payments. With the payment QR code above, you can choose how much you wish to donate.

By supporting the Irish Guide Dogs for the blind, you are directly supporting them to meet a growing demand for their services as the organisation costs €5 million to run each year! The Irish Guide Dogs have shared their yearly progress with us.

2021 Irish Guide Dog progress:

  • Breeding Programme continues to grow with 3 litters successfully born so far this year

  • 105 puppies currently being puppy raised. These pups will be the dogs who start formal training later in 2021 and during 2022.

  • 39 pups currently undergoing formal training who will hopefully be successfully matched in the coming months.

  • Assistance Dog Programme waiting list due to open later this year or early 2022 (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).

Photo: Irish Guide Dog’s new Dog Bandana

Further Information on Irish Guide Dogs

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is a national charity dedicated to helping people living with sight loss or autism improve their mobility and independence. For over 40 years Irish Guide Dogs have provided life-changing services and support to people across Ireland with sight loss. All services are offered free of charge and include the following:

  • The Guide Dog Programme for people who are blind or vision impaired

  • The Assistance Dog Programme for families of children with autism

  • Orientation and Mobility Training (Long Cane)

  • Independent Living Skills Training

  • The Child Mobility Programme

Irish Guide Dog website: