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Fire Open Payments – New User Interface Guide


We are very pleased to announce our new Fire Open Payments User Interface, delivering enhanced branding and less friction in the payments flow.

The aim of this new UI is to provide users (payers) with a more seamless Open Banking payments flow. Our Opening Banking Payments feature enables businesses to accept account-based payments from their customers; if you would like more information on Open Banking follow this link.

The new Fire Open Payments flow provides businesses and merchants with the opportunity to customise the interface by adding their brand to the payments page. Businesses can add their logo, edit the page colouring, and include additional text fields.

This release is designed to remove friction and streamline the payment process. We have shortened the customer journey and enhanced the user experience to provide seamless account-to-account payments.

Enhanced Mobile Flow – less friction.

The new mobile flow is designed to streamline the payment process and provide the user with a better experience. The new flow is now a page shorter and offers a Cancel and Return button to allow payers on the eCommerce journey to return to their shopping cart. The images below show the new user interface and flow.

Fire Open Payments – Mobile User Journey

Enhanced Desktop Flow – less friction.

The desktop flow has been optimised to provide a frictionless user interface and provide the ability for merchants to customise the page. The new desktop flow is also shortened by a page and offers the option of a Cancel and Return button.

Fire Open Payments – Desktop User Journey

Customisation of Payment Pages

This new release now includes the capability for businesses/merchants to brand the payment pages.

Fire Business customers may customise everything from the background and text colours, to the text displayed within action buttons and adding their own business logo.

Fire Open Payments – Customising the Desktop Payment Pages

Follow up

We would be very interested to receive your feedback. If you wish to follow up please email  and why not try the process yourself – scan the QR code below on your mobile or click the link.

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