Skip to main content supports alternative finance providers to streamline payments and enhance their customer experience is changing the way businesses pay and get paid.  Working closely with leaders in alternative finance that provide invoice finance, merchant cash advance or traditional business loans, we are improving operational efficiencies through the creation of seamless automated payments that remove friction for the end-user.

Other benefits of the solution for alternative finance providers, include the ability to instantly open new accounts for the collection and management of funds from clients. Seamless integration with third-party and proprietary systems for full, one-dashboard control using the API and the receival of real time web and native app notifications. Users know instantly when a loan payment has been made – reducing manual intervention, streamlining internal processes and dramatically reducing the time it takes for clients to receive funds. has been working with Accelerated Payments – an alternative finance provider that enables businesses to free up the cash trapped in their invoices, to offer an enhanced payment experience to their customers. By leveraging’s API, Accelerated Payments is able to open multiple euro and sterling accounts, resulting in a clear, fast and transparent flow of payments through real-time transfer and information. The outcome is a vastly reduced reconciliation process time with fewer manual errors and an improved customer experience.

Our platform’s integration with white label banking services enhances our capabilities, allowing for a more robust and versatile financial solution. This integration is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking a more tailored banking experience under their brand.

Dylan Martin, Co-Founder and Head of Operations for Accelerated Payments says:

“Fire has simplified our payment processing and collections function. As an invoice discounting platform, we process hundreds of transactions and open new collection accounts daily. We required a partner that could consistently meet our needs in a timely manner as well as offer the security and automation to support the scaling of our business. Fire was the solution for us and complements our Fintech platform by allowing for seamless integration. Thanks to the speed, professionalism and great product offering from the Fire team, it has assisted us in providing to the market a best-in-class invoice discounting solution”.

We are also currently working with platform partners enabling lenders to offer new funding solutions whereby they are notified via API when a customer’s account balance falls below a certain amount so they can provide them with further funding when it is required. This allows lenders to provide access to funds in real time and a better customer experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the API or about how can help your business to manage payments, please contact our sales team at