Business Account Features

Multiple Accounts

Open as many Fire accounts as you need to manage payments and simplify reconciliation. Every Fire Business Account has its own unique details – sort code and account numbers for Sterling Accounts and IBANs for Euro Accounts.

Create additional Sterling and Euro Accounts in real time – these can be used for a range of purposes, such as segregating funds, simplifying reconciliation processes or managing projects/expenses.

Bank Transfers

With Fire you can pay and get paid by bank transfers to and from any bank account in the UK or Eurozone. If you’re selling in Sterling and Euro, a Fire Business Account is ideal for managing payments in both currencies. Bank transfers are supported via Faster Payments, Bacs and SEPA. Transfers between Fire accounts occur instantly.

With our apps and API, you’ll never need to login to see if you’ve been paid – we send you app notifications and all the lodgement details directly to your systems.

Debit Cards

Order as many debit cards as you need. You can link your Fire debit cards to any of your Fire accounts and use your card to pay in-store, shop online or take out cash from an ATM.

A Fire debit card is linked to both a Sterling and Euro Account, so you automatically pay from your Sterling Account when transacting in sterling and from your Euro Account when paying in euro, avoiding unnecessary bank fees. All other currencies transactions are deducted from your default account.

Stay in control with the ability to instantly block cards, receive real time notifications and change the accounts to which the card is linked. Create all the accounts and cards you need to take control of your payments.

FX Transfers

Instantly transfer funds between your Fire Euro and Sterling Accounts at any time. The FX rate and fee are displayed before a transaction is executed so you know exactly what you’re getting. Funds are immediately available and you can make real-time FX transfers between your Fire accounts 24×7, 365 days a year.

Direct Debits (DD)

Direct Debits are available on Fire Sterling Accounts (Euro Account DDs will be available in April 2022). This enables you to easily and conveniently pay from your Fire Sterling Accounts by DD.

With Fire, you can enable and disable DDs at an account level, view all the mandates and the associated payments you have setup and get notifications the day before a DD payment is due, so you can fund your account, if needed.

All Direct Debit payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Open Banking

Enable your customers to pay by direct bank transfer. Fire Open Payments leverages Open Banking capabilities to allow Fire business account users to accept account-based payments in Euro and Sterling. Funds are instantly reconciled as they are lodged to your Fire Account. Open Payment requests can be created in the account or via our API and shared using a URL or QR code across any media – online web/mobile site, in app, email, message or print.

Fire Open Payments is available to be fully white labelled by banks and acquirers looking to offer Open Banking payment functionality to their customers. 

Fire API

If you need to automate large volumes of payments, then use the Fire API to integrate your internal business systems or applications directly to your accounts.

Using the Fire API you can:

  • Initiate large volumes of bank transfers to any account in the UK or eurozone from your internal systems;
  • Embed account and transaction information in your inhouse systems, developing better financial control applications;
  • Receive event driven data from Fire, e.g. when a payment is received, so you can update your systems and reconcile faster.

All payments initiated via the Fire API are securely authorised via the firework mobile app, assuring you of the highest control standards. Find out more about the Fire API here.


In addition to the API, Fire provides statements compatible with major online accounting packages, enabling you to download account statements in industry standard OFX format for importing into Xero, FreeAgent, Quickbooks, Sage One…etc. Like a bank statement, a Fire Business Account statement has all the transaction details in the download, so your accounting system can be up to date.

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