Better Business Payments
We help businesses manage their payments by providing digital accounts that are quick to open and easy to use.
Bank Transfers in
Sterling and Euro
With a Fire business account you can accept payments by bank transfer in sterling and euro. Your customer or payer uses your Fire IBAN or account number to pay you. You may also pay out from your Fire account to staff or suppliers by bank transfer to any bank account in the UK or Eurozone.
Should you need any additional accounts – for a new product launch or business line – then you can create additional accounts instantly. Fire supports sterling payments via Faster Payments and BACs. In euro we support SEPA Credit Transfers (SCTs).
We make it easy to open your account and to access bank transfers in sterling and euro.
Better Business Payments
with the firework mobile app
Once you've opened your business account online, you can use the firework app for real time notifications, approving payments and checking your account.
See the details of all your accounts – balances, bank transfers, FX transfers, card transactions.
Real time push notifications for various events and actions you want to monitor. You can configure these notifications through the app.
Use the firework app to authenticate yourself when using firework online.
Instantly block any of your debit cards in the event that you need to do so.
Fire MasterCard® debit card
If you need to pay recurring bills, shop in store, online or get access to cash, you can order a Fire business debit card, which can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.
In the same way that you can open multiple accounts, you may order multiple debit cards, linking these to specific people and accounts – giving you great control and flexibility.
As a debit card issuer, we are a principal member of MasterCard.
Fire Business API - List Accounts
$ curl \
  -X GET \ 
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" 

  "accounts": [{
    "ican": 1951,
    "name": "Main Account",
    "currency": {
      "description": "Euro",
      "code": "EUR"
    "balance": 434050,
    "ciban": "IE54CPAY99119911111111",
    "cbic": "CPAYIE2D",
    "cnsc": "991199",
    "ccan": "11111111",
    "defaultAccount": true,
    "status": {
      "type": "LIVE",
      "description": "Live"
Integrating to your Fire account
In addition to accessing your Fire account via our online application, you may also connect your systems directly to your Fire account using our API.
Our API enables your in-house application to retrieve and display data from your Fire account. You create permission based tokens so different applications can access different data in Fire. You may also configure real time messages to be sent from your Fire account to your own applications when certain events occur – e.g. a lodgement is received.
We make it easy for businesses to access the transactions and data in their accounts.
Open a Fire business account
When you open a Fire business account online, you are accessing a new and innovative way to manage your accounts and payments.
Via our online application, you can upload the necessary documentation which we will review quickly. We will let you know when it’s all set up so you can start accepting and making payments.
We make it easy for businesses to open digital accounts.
The people behind Fire is led by Colm Lyon – one of Europe’s leading fintech and payments entrepreneurs. Colm started Fire to help transform banking services by creating digital accounts that are integrated, easy and safe. The team at Fire is passionate about delivering a compelling customer experience.
Colm is joined on the senior leadership team by Owen O Byrne (Product) and Paul Davey (Finance/Operations) who have years of experience in payments and scaling businesses.
Fire Financial Services Limited – trading as and Fire – is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.